We collect the best of what the Berici Hills have to offer.
Meals are created by hand, holding fast to old traditions which embrace the ingredients of the area.
Our breakfast offers pandolce with leaven, and a selection of cakes and biscuits made with organic flour.
You can drink juices made from wild grape and apple , obtained through a biological cultivation (cold pressed), berry and flower jams, and seasonal fruit.

Sampling a Tea
Our breakfast gives you the possibility to sample a great selection of tea coming from all over the world, together with home made pastries and home made organic jams.

Moreover, we cook savory cakes with the vegetables in season, aromatic bread, vegetarian and foreign delicacies, organic cow and goat cheese.

All foods can be enjoyed with wine of the Colli Berici and wine from Verona. You can sample Tai and Red Tai (specialty of the area), Cabernet, Sauvignon and Prosecco.



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Organic farming follows up a “clean” agricultural and food production, in perfect harmony with nature; in fields and stables, it avoids the use of chemical and synthetic products (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers antibiotics, etc.)