The Agriturismo Bed and Breakfast features six comfortable rooms, all contain their own TV, air conditioning and private bathroom. Each room bears the name of an aromatic plant and they all have furniture which is unique to each room.
If you are making a group reservation, you have the option to rent a renovated cottage which is part of the farmhouse. It is perfect for a family because each cottage has its own private kitchen.

- Private bathroom
- TV
- Air conditioning
- Lounge area with piano and bookcase
- Parking and private court
- Pets allowed but prior arrangement is required
- Horse accommodation in stables, in yards (stable will be opened soon)

The Agriturismo Bed and Breakfast offers overnight accommodation and breakfast. Guests can try some of the best restaurants of the Berici Hills, which are located close to Monte degli Aromi

For information and bookings, please contact:
or call +39 0444 868582 / +39 329 9061778



Via San Donato n°. 5 - 6021 Villaga (Vicenza)
tel. +39 0444 868582 / 329 9061778
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Organic farming follows up a “clean” agricultural and food production, in perfect harmony with nature; in fields and stables, it avoids the use of chemical and synthetic products (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers antibiotics, etc.)